1. Naghmeh Member

    Urgent! Installed Worpress doesn't work!

    Topic posted on: 16-09-2020 at 22:56

    I installed WordPress from the DirectAdmin. It has the message that "it has been successfully installed". I also see it in my installation. I also received the email with details of the installation: "A new installation of WordPress 5.5.1 has been completed. http://www.kultur-atelier.de"
    However, when I want to open the website I face this message: "This site can’t be reached".
    Could you please help me to upload my website?
    I have already once deleted WordPress and reinstalled it.
    I need to have my website by the end of this week.
    Many Thanks.

  2. Peter Member
    Reply posted on: 11-06-2021 at 17:28

    Same problem here

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