1. Sanjin Member

    Can not update nameserver/dns settings

    Topic posted on: 21-04-2022 at 19:03

    I have 3 domains and on *just one* of them, any change of custom nameservers in customer portal - fails. I tried to switch back to On "DNS Management" option, just to try, and not because I want that :) but that also fails. Any changes on another 2 domains, works flawlessly.

    Tried to create support ticket also, but no option there. All support I find is on Dutch language which unfortunatelly I don't know at all. Forum is my last option to ask for some help from you Versio, please :)

  2. Fabien Versio staff
    Reply posted on: 22-04-2022 at 00:58

    Hi, please send us an e-mail to support@versio.nl . We will then be able to look into this issue.

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