1. Emmett Member

    API, change nameserver

    Topic posted on: 29-09-2017 at 20:18

    Hi, I try to change nameservers with API, but it didn't work, just return info about domain.

    import requests
    import json
    import hashlib

    username = 'mail.mail.com'
    passwd = 'pass'

    VERSIO_URL = 'https://www.versio.eu/api/v1'

    payload = {
    "ns": [{
    "ns": "ns1.domain.com."
    }, {
    "ns": "ns2.domain.com"

    headers = {'Content-type': 'application/json'}

    req_url = VERSIO_URL + '/domains/%s/update' % 'domain.eu'
    req = requests.post(req_url, data=payload, auth=(username, passwd), headers=headers)

    How make this request correctly?

  2. Tux Member
    Reply posted on: 05-10-2017 at 17:36

    I'm having the same issue, been trying different things for over 1h and i can't get it to work...

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