1. Bratislav Member

    Transfering domain name issue

    Topic posted on: 22-08-2018 at 08:21


    I have a functional domain name with high traffic website. Domain name is currently registered at Orion Telekom in Serbia. I am using Orions DNS servers and pointing through A record to my VPS which is located on another provider (mCloud).

    So, now I want to transfer my domain name to Versio. And I want to use Versio name servers and to point to my VPS through A record.


    I cant setup Versio name servers for that domain name before the transfer. I know that there is an option to insert name servers during the transfer, but I have to modify A record.

    So, the problem is that my website will end offline in the day of the transfer. Is there a way to insert Versio name servers and to configure A record during or before the transfer?

    Can you help me please with this problem?

    PS - After I transfer domain name from Orion to Versio, I cant use their name servers anymore.

  2. Gavon Versio staff
    Reply posted on: 22-08-2018 at 13:07

    Hello Bratislav,

    If you purchase a hosting package, you can add the domain name in advance and manage the DNS, then you can move the domain name and the name servers point to the hosting package, for this you can purchase a Starter package.

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